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如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

What is IQ Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option offer affiliates up to 50% of the brokers revenue from all their traders, for as long as they are active on IQ Option platform.

Why IQ Option Affiliate

IQ Option unique platform gives you the highest profit. You can focus on your traffic, and we’ll do the rest
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴
  • IQ Option automatically transfer your earnings to your preferred online payment account twice a month

No Balance deductions
  • You can’t have a negative balance in IQ Option program. Your revenue is made up entirely of profits

Cross-platform Support
  • IQ Option’s product is available in a web version and a mobile app. You can drive traffic from all channels equally effectively

Multi-Language Brand
  • IQ Option represents millions of customers from 175 countries who speak 13 languages, and they always come back to IQ Option platform for more

Universal Links
  • IQ Option do the work of detecting your users location, language, and device, and send them to the most suitable landing page

Clear Analytics
  • Analyze your results in real time using convenient reports and data filters

IQ Option Receiving Payment

IQ Option send your earnings to your preferred payment account twice a month, within 3 business days
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

How IQ Option Affiliate Program Work

1. Getting Started
  • If you have a website or blog or you purchase internet traffic, you can publish your affiliate link on your site or ad

2. Your Link
  • A user clicks your link or ad (you cant register yourself, your relatives, or your friends). IQ Option tag this user with your unique ID

3. Registering Customers
  • The user signs up on the IQ Option platform and starts trading

4. Profit Accrual
  • You receive up to 50% of brokers profit according to your clients trading activity

5. Payment
  • Twice a month, IQ Option pay out your earnings using your preferred payment system

IQ Option Affiliate Program Feature

Real-time statistics. An analytics dashboard that is every affiliates best friend
  • Extended geo-analysis
  • Drill down on traffic sources, countries, and signups
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

IQ Option tracking technology can transmit statistics to you or directly to the ad network you are using
  • Real-time tracking of any event
  • You can create an unlimited number of postbacks
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

Use any payment method that is convenient for you, and store your information for future payments
  • Store information for multiple payment accounts at once
  • Request a payment to one of your accounts, and get regular payments to a different one – with us, its easy!
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

IQ Option professional managers can help you start making a profit
  • IQ Option managers speak your language
  • Fast solutions to any problem

Best Affiliate Around

And that’s just the statistics for the past 30 days! Join IQ Option ranks now to be with the best of the best
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

Why do traders choose IQ Option?

IQ Option didn’t feel they had a choice other than to create an incredible product. after entering the industry in 2013, IQ Option set a goal to create the best trading platform for all traders. They used the latest technologies and innovations to create a product that gives IQ Option customers a simple, convenient, and interesting trading experience.

IQ Option work on platform every day to develop innovative solutions so that every customer feels unique. IQ Option support system is available 24/7 to help traders with any issues on the platform, IQ Option development team performs maintenance and releases new features, hr specialists hire the best experts for customers, the marketing team creates the highest converting landings, IQ Option affiliate program department works on new promos and features of the program, and IQ Option unrivaled affiliate managers help affiliates improve traffic quality along with their earnings in IQ Option program.

IQ Option is confident that the synergy between team members is what drives the success enjoyed by the company and IQ Option partners.

Platform Features
  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Maximum deposit $1000000 per day
  • Minimum investment $1
  • Maximum investment $20 000
  • No minimal withdrawal requirement
如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴

400+ assets
  • Binary Options
  • Digital Options
  • CFDs on Forex
  • CFDs on Stocks
  • CFDs on ETFs
  • CFDs on Crypto
  • CFDs on Commodities

Languages Supported by 24/7 customer service

如何加入聯盟計劃並成為 IQ Option 的合作夥伴
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